Strengthening business
capability and effectiveness
through team and individual
business and leadership skills coaching.

Business Advisory Services

What we do

Methodic Business are experienced at running organisations across a variety of sectors, disciplines, countries, and cultures; and are able to bring into business a suite of skills, street smarts, and proven applications to maximise your growth opportunities.

Our mantra is 'Take Massive Action'. Whilst we will always be considered, we see no growth in resource or revenue by waiting. No matter what the situation, business should always be on the move.

Our skill and experience spans a multitude of business disciplines:

* Strategic planning, development, and implementation.
* Systems design and implementation.
* Budget planning and measurement.
* Data capture and analysis.
* Culture and performance management.
* Property management.
* Buying and importing.
* Merchandise and marketing.
* Data capture and analysis.

How we bring value

As an external advisor, we can assist with the development and implementation of your growth agenda and keep things moving positively forward for you in a variety of ways:

Strategic and Operational Business Advisors

Whether you are looking for a strategic direction, have a vision but need assistance to document, communicate and implement, or have stalled in your implementation progress, we can provide you with the tools and momentum to get on track.

Project Management

We can work side by side with you on a specific growth agenda. This can take the form of smaller projects such as the development of a new process or procedure through to full scale set up of a multi-site and multi-channel business.

We can work in your business for an agreed period of time to achieve your outcomes and ensure knowledge transfer takes place through the partnership period to leave the business with improved skills for on going growth.

Group Leadership

We teach leadership, recognising this does not come naturally to many, particularly in a business environment.
By working with your leadership team either individually or as a group, we can support them through a change process whilst further developing their leadership skills and achieving the business outcomes desired.

Workshop/Conference facilitation

Whether it be a tailored workshop designed specifically to achieve a business outcome or simply an external facilitator to chair a conference, workshop or meeting, we will bring an energy and sense of purpose to achieve a higher level of output whilst enjoying the journey.
Our experience runs from short Board meetings through to multiple day international conferences.

One on One Business Coaching

We can provide one off or regular coaching sessions which will provide you with advise and on going support to ensure you achieve your goals.