Strengthening business
capability and effectiveness
through team and individual
business and leadership skills coaching.

The Neuroleader


Coaching for executives in the practice of neuroleadership, and the skills to effectively influence outcomes in the administration of business.


Leaders will learn skills and tools on how to build a working environment that aligns with human motivation, providing the platform for effective decision making, action orientation, and a collaborative culture of achievement.


  • Understand the practice of neuroleadership, and its powerful influence on the effective administration of business.

  • Learn how the brain works in a business environment, and why you need to know.

  • Recognise why reward is so critical to team and individual motivation, and how you can drive it effectively.

  • Understand the impact of your environment, and how you can design your business to optimise people performance.

  • Identify why your team behave the way they do, and how you can influence these behaviours to achieve team harmony and high performance.

  • Understanding the four basic human needs at work, and how they impact on the execution of strategic and operational business.

  • Learn why these seven leadership practices align with human motivation and ways in which you can put them into practice:

      1. The leader invests time in the relationship.

      2. The goal posts are clear.

      3. Team encouraged to use skill and initiative.

      4. The leader invests in team development.

      5. Performance is measured regularly.

      6. Regroup on losses and mistakes.

      7. Celebrate wins.