Strengthening business
capability and effectiveness
through team and individual
business and leadership skills coaching.


As a Board Director or Board Advisor, Methodic Business will bring valuable performance and compliance skills required to contribute to the effective governance of an organisation.

In addition to experience in reporting to and directorship of commercial and not-for profit companies, we bring a great passion for the effectiveness of good governance through culture and objectives alignment.

Whilst a governance Board's role is not to run the company, this does not exclude Directors from spending additional time within an organisation. For a Board to align itself with the culture, a greater interest in the people and activities provide much needed insight required to govern effectively and support the whole team in achieving their goals.


How we add value

Either as an appointed Board Chair/Director or Board Advisor, we can add the following value:

  • Strong leadership at senior executive level.

  • Understanding the unique roles of governance and management.

  • Directors duties as defined by the Corporations Act.

  • Establishing policies and procedures to comply with legislation.

  • Review of management reports for compliance with policies and procedures.

  • Monitoring of legal and risk management requirements.

  • Leadership in strategic planning.

  • Detailed analysis of performance against business plans.

  • Analysis and monitoring of financial health and performance.

  • Understanding of WHS policies, procedures, and compliance.

  • Development of company and management Key Performance Indicators.

  • Networking to build company profile.

  • Stakeholder engagement of organisational vision.


For an initial chat, please call direct on +61 419 225 581, or submit an enquiry through the 'Contact' page of this web site.