Strengthening business
capability and effectiveness
through team and individual
business and leadership skills coaching.

Emerging Leader

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About this Course

For the business professional

‘Emerging Leader’ provides professionals in growth with the ‘how to apply - street smart’ business skills rarely taught, and often only gained through experience.

This program provides insights and tools to apply in your role for increased impact and growth in your professional development, and accelerate your ability to effectively impact outcomes.

From the knowledge of the objectives of the business, the framework in which it executes, the tools to execute, and a deeper understanding of the role of self and others in achieving the objectives, this course builds confidence in the competitive and fast paced world of business.

You will learn the 'street smart' skills and practices in:

* Strategic planning.
* Structure of a business.
* Planning and time management.
* Effective communication
* Influencing for outcomes.
* Leadership skills.
* Performance management.
* Strengthening yourself.
* Winning habits for sustainability.

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