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The Neuroleader

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About this Course

What is a Neuroleader in business?

An executive who combines the findings from brain research in human behaviour with the technical knowledge and skills of their business to lead their team to achieve their full potential.

What is the benefit to business?

Leaders will learn skills and tools on how to build a working environment that aligns with human motivation, providing the platform for effective decision making, action orientation, and a collaborative culture of achievement.

Why this program?

This program was developed by a senior business leader with extensive experience in leading others to achieve professional and organisational objectives in large, multi-site, and multi-disciplined organisations.

With the knowledge of what has worked from years of hands-on business experience, and drawing on new research in the area of neuroscience, this program provides practical knowledge and skills to grow and influence in your role as an effective leader in business.

This is a unique program that combines science and senior corporate business experience to bring you skills that specifically apply to business environments.

The Program:

* The practice of being a neuroleader and its powerful influence on the effective administration of business.

* Why you need to know how the brain works in a business environment.

* Understanding the impact of your environment and how you can design for your business to optimise people performance.

* Why your team behave the way they do and how you can influence these behaviours to achieve team harmony and high performance.

* Understanding the four basic human needs at work and how they impact on the execution of strategic and operational business.

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